State of the Union Protest

We just got back from the DC protest organized by World Can't Wait. It went pretty well. I would estimate there were about 1000 people there, maybe a bit more.

One complaint was that is was pretty unorganized...it seemed like the speakers each spoke about whatever they wanted to. Since I haven't been to many protests before, maybe this is normal, but I thought this was a chance to communicate some basic ideas about how we were to go forward in the future and that didn't quite happen. It was a lot of Bush bashing, which felt great! I wish the media had been listening. We need to get a movement started.

I did get approached by a young guy that was passing out information about the protest for Saturday and he asked me to help. I gave my name and email address and should be hearing from the people at WCW tomorrow. I might end up dropping off some flyers at the courthouse tomorrow morning when I show up to pay my ticket.

Oh, and Cindy Sheehan aparently got arrrested. I'll find out more and post tomorrow.


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