Data in the 21st Century

I just read an article about data and math applications for basically EVERYTHING we do (Why Math Will Rock The World, Busines Week).

It's somewhat scary to think that computers exist to track our shopping behaviors, work productivity, travel checkpoints, and propensity to consume. Yes, it helps business make more relevant offers and talk to us one-on-one, but the privacy concerns are endless. If the Bush Administration has been spying on us already unchecked, then it is not to far-fetched to assume they would demand access to data warehouses of any kind (if they haven't already). But it's to protect us from big bad Bin Laden, right?

I hope Americans are more protective of their privacy and rights in this country than they have proven to be thus far. 1984 was not too long ago and Orwell's predictions could still ring true in this century. If fact, I just read that Tim Robbins is planning a Holleywood version of 1984. If we can't count on Democrats to stand up for our rights, maybe actors will do.


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