Baby Naming Advice from 3 24-year olds

Don't name your kid something typical. This is the ultimate conclusion of my recent conversation with Jason, my boyfriend, and Tony, my friend. Both of these guys are atleast 5+ years away from conceiving, but are nevertheless full of ideas regarding the first task of having a baby: naming it.

This conversation started with a Jeopardy topic "Top 10 Baby Names of 2004". This list included Matthew, Jacob, Micheal, Blah, Blah, Blah. We came up with a more creative, unique list...

Top Baby Names of 2012 (predicted):

  • Maxamillion - your kid will sound like a million bucks and probably cost five times that much. I heard Max is getting popular, so this option may be passe by 2012.
  • Violet - This is Tony's romantic suggestion for a female offspring - which he does not plan to ever have.
  • Blotter. PCU is still cool in the future.
  • Isabella - I think we're behind the curve on this one.
  • Neo - No, we're not kidding. After WW3 is started by George W. Bush's 4th consecutive Presidential win (he'll change the rules in 2007 after cheating to keep Repubs in Congress) everyone will be dying for anything new.
  • Balthazar - future leader.
  • Tabernus - not sure what they're going for here.
  • Avian - as in the flu that gets cured in 2010.
  • Infinity.

Good Night future mommies and daddies, and Good Luck.


At 6:39 PM, Blogger Grandpa Eddie said...

I have a grandson, 18 mos., whose first name is Hayden and his middle name is Max. And it's just Max. His 9 yr. old brother got to give him his middle name...thought it should have been his first. My daughter fondly calls him her little demon child...and a holy terror he is.


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