Where is Michael Moore?

With all this talk of the Chris Matthews controversy (MSNBC's "journalist" compares Osama bin Laden to filmmaker Michael Moore) I wonder - where is Michael Moore? Its unusal that the extreme left figure has not surfaced in quiet some time.

Last seen around election time at the end of 2004, Michael Moore and his disappearing act should give the Right a reason to worry....what's this guy up to anyway? Swimming in the money he made from Farenheit 9/11 might be a good guess, but he's most likely hard at work on his next pet project, SICKO.

IMDB says of SICKO, "This film will focus on the American healthcare system, and will look at it through an inspection of the system of mental health care." Automakers? Check. Gun Lobby? Check. Bush Administration? Check. Healthcare System and Pharmeceutical Companies? Yeah, that seems like an obvious next target.

The IMDB description was last updated on December 28, 2004. The realease is slated for 2006. What's taking so long? Aparently, Moore needs plenty of stalking time for incriminating footage. With Pharmeceutical giants already facing an admitted "image problem", many have issued notices to their workforces warning of Moore's possible appearance and intentions.

I don't always agree with Moore's techniques, but I do encourage any media outlet that seeks to uncover the truth of our corrupt American systems....and the people making money from them. Good Luck to our Scruffy Filmmaker Friend.


At 2:24 AM, Blogger Ozgur Coskun said...

I think he is enjoying his money some place else.

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