America's Call To Action: Stand Up and Fight!

Wow, my faith in America's future just sprang from the dead - HOPE that is. I stumbled upon a rousing call to action on Get Out Revolution's (NYC) lastest post.

THIS MOMENT IS HOT AND THE FUTURE IS ON THE LINE. There is gathering momentum from below as people increasingly recognize the full truth of what is happening: Bush IS a fascist and he has ALREADY put a great deal of what he needs in place to establish a theocratic fascist state. Things are coming to a head -- if the atrocities of the past few months go down without major uproar, Bush's State of the Union Address will be the sanctification of these crimes and the threshold from which he will launch a whole new wave.

But millions are furious and do NOT want this to go down, losing sleep over what is happening, fearing that it is too late to do anything. Yet at this point they are not organized or active on anything like the level needed. The means is here, the World Can't Wait protests on January 31 and February 4, that people need to join in on and organize for.

I'm in. Come What May. We've got to do this now people, before it's too late. My boyfriend called me a conspiracy theorist today and I take offense to that. I know when real things are happening around me; Income Inequality, Warrantless Spying, Unjustified War, and The Stupidest President in American History.

SOMEONE is controlling our tax money. Maybe not someone, but SOMETHING...Lies, Fear and Money. There is a reason we create war, a reason my company's CEO got a tax cut greater than my total income in 2005, a reason New Orleans has not been cleaned up, a reason Americans are dependant on oil, a reason to explain irratic weather. See, effects have causes and "just cause" is no longer acceptable.

Now we have a reason to fight. Tell everyone about the Protests on Tuesday night.

Add your comments if you have plans in DC or elsewhere....


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