Up to my old tricks

Well, I'm back. I've neglected this blog for long enough and now that my life has returned to normal (whatever that means), I can start new.

First, with my move to Chicago from DC, I plan to back away from the political slant. I read today that Political Blogs are the #1 category of blogs and political blog readers are the most intense! I believe it, there's a lot to be intense about. BUT, I don't think I can bring the information or well-spoken opinion like other, more established political blogs, so instead I'll discuss things I know about, namely being 24 in Chicago and doing the things I do....movies, books, concerts, bars, shopping.

I will say that I'm thinking more and more about selling something online. I just don't have quite the right idea YET.

Chicago is awesome thus far and I really can't say I miss my old friends, maybe because I didn't have many. I miss Tony and Ryan and Sheila and Kyle. There you go guys!

I saw my friend Lauren in Ellen Under Glass, a House Theatre production, last night at Gallery 37. It was REALLY good with music and dance incorporated into the script. Lauren played a fallen angel who helped keep the story's character's in their respective places (heaven, black mountain/purgatory, or the town). About an hour long and $15, it was a perfect date night for me and Jason in the city. We went to drinks with Lauren, Ian (her friend from another class), Devon (lead singer in the play), and his two friends. Lots of fun!