Bush says trust "my government"

The latest attempt by Bush and Co. to squash a growing bi-partisan chorus of doubts about the UAE port deal is laughable. From the Washington Post today:

"This wouldn't be going forward if we were not certain that our ports would be secure," Bush said at a Cabinet meeting. "The more people learn about the transaction that has been scrutinized and approved by my government, the more they will be comforted that our ports will be secure."

So Bush is certain, but can't say who or when the deal was made? Heck, he supposedly didn't even know about the deal until he started listening to the media!

And what's with "my government"? Did we give it to him? Does he own it? Is he king?


Idea Origination

A friend once told me he had two uninspired ideas in his life. Is anything uninspired? Discuss.

Everything Progressive

Everything Progressive

The idea of being relevant -
Quite a hard reality to learn
in this West Coast Future...
is it a feature that we
Will never have?


Self-Absorbed Post

I went shopping after work today. After giving away 1/6 of my wardrobe and receiving my yearly bonus from the company, I decided it was time to get some nice clothes for work. I am pretty set in the shoes department, so I focused on clothes only (trying for mostly tops).

  • Banana Republic: Blue Collar, Long-Sleeve, Button-Down ($60); Thin Silk? Button Cardigan with Tie ($79 on sale for $50)
  • Ann Taylor: Black/Cream/Hint of Red Pants ($128 on sale for $90); Cream Cable-Knit Sweater ($68)
  • Express: Tan Editor Pants ($68); White Collar, Long-Sleeve, Button Down ($40)
  • The Limited: Blue Henly Sweater (on sale $30)

I think I got decent deals on high quality stuff. I probably could have gotten some of it cheaper, but who has time to go shopping every week?


Blog Novels, Boys, In Style and Henry.

I read about some service through Blogger.com that encourages people to write their next novel with blog technology. The pitch: commit to writing 500 words a day and you'll have a 10,000 word novel in 30 days...or something like that. I think it's a great idea and I like that the masses have a publishing tool uncontrolled by agents and traditional publishing houses.

Tony's friend "V" just came over. She has been dating her boyfriend for 7 years. She's 22 years old. I kept trying to slip clues that she needed to be single for awhile (or date Tony), but she was unresponsive. Is it wrong that I was trying to influence the choices of someone I don't know? Probably. But I want what Tony wants and for some reason, unbeknowst to me, he wants V.

I picked up the February 2006 edition of In Style with Uma Thurman on the cover. It is one of the best magazines I've read in a long time. It gave tips on REAL style issues that people in their 20's (and maybe 30's?) face in their professional and social lives. Makeup, belts, bags, cropped pants, throwing parties, celebrity wedding pictures, designer dresses, etc. I want to go shopping! Maybe tomorrow if it doesn't snow. Also, I intend to make a list of "Pieces that will complete your wardrobe for 2006".

Oh, and I'm getting my haircut with Henry at Salon Cielo at Dupont tomorrow. I can't wait! Henry is the best and so cute...I'll try to grab a camera phone shot and post. I always get the best haircuts from him. He's really good at making someone their sexiest with a haircut. I'm going to be sad to leave him. Finding a hairstylist in Chicago that I like as much will be difficult. Suggustions? Calling all Chicago salons and hairstylists! I need a trendy, young (24), professional haircut. Help!


Wheel of Fortune, That's Hot

Tony and Jason are playing Streetfighter on SuperNintendo. I think video games are a strange leisure pursuit. On Saturday, I visited with my mother's side of the family. Cousin Cole has a sweet set-up in his basement with X-box and a 60-inch plasma. Cole is 12 and plays Halo 2 all day long against college kids and 20-something men. Not to mention a lot of teenage boys. I wonder what all these gamers say to each other? They are the elusive demograhic for marketers. Is the Army winning the battle of communication? A new video produced by the Army tells players "gain experience as a Soldier in the U.S. Army, without leaving home." Yes! How convenient to experience war in the comfort of your own home. When visiting with a few friends over Christmas they exclaimed when playing "It's SO real". No, it's really not.

On the other hand, I feel the need to disclose that I recently bought stock in Electronic Arts, the biggest video game producer in the Western Hemisphere. The price hasn't done anything the last two months. Funny a lot of companies are struggling and Exxon-Mobile posts the biggest profit of any company in U.S. history...and Bush keeps saying "the economy is strong."

I sold some electronic equipment today on CraigsList to a guy named Gerald. He was quite jolly and terribly sarcastic at the same time. I enjoyed the interaction. I definitely think that the privacy of modern day affects our development of sympathy and compassion. How often do you really talk to others? Meet new people?

I'm going to visit my friend Changro Ro Pete Lee in Seoul, Korea. Two months. I can't wait to see some stuff that's outside my normal view. Cheers to Pete!(and dancing in your blue room next to 50 pairs of shoes and Grey Goose on the shelf).

I saw Grizzly Man on Saturday with my family. I spent most of the time laughing or horrified...and ended up depressed. I do not suggest this documentary about a man who befriends Animals and is seriously disturbed. But aren't we all? Maybe its worth a peek.

I need to downsize my wardrobe. Not that I have too many clothes, but I definitely have too many clothes I never wear. I need to build a more thoughtful wardrobe, otherwise it just ends up being wasteful. I need the Internet Queen to send me a list. Wouldn't that be great?

I go between loving and hating my blog.


Dictator Blues

"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier - just so long I'm the dictator." George BushDecember 18, 2000

I'm headed to Chicago tonight for some family time. I'm glad to be leaving DC for awhile, this is getting too stressful. I'm not sure what the answer is anymore, but I know it's not dictatorship and the direction we are headed.

Why aren't more people pissed about the NSA's illiegal wire-tapping program? The facts are slowly coming to light, but I'm afraid Bush Co. and the Media have become rather good at pronouncing an issue "old news" and moving the rest of the country along to the next terrorist threat. If Democrats are going to make this an issue, we need to stick to the main points (because we all know Americans have a 30-second attention span):
- The spying program has led to ZERO real terrorist arrests in four years.
- The NSA has essentially turned on its duty of international surveillance and started tapping phone conversations of ordinary americans including anti-war movement leaders and possibly Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald
- Bush says the program was neccessary, but why couldn't they just get permission through the proper channels i.e. the senate?
- The program could NOT have prevented 9/11. We didn't even use the intelligence we had.